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New Ultra-Filter Membrane
Dialyzer Showing Internal Membrane

Example of a Dialyzer showing the internal membrane

US Kidney Research Corporation (USKRC) as part of a contract with the University of Arkansas, has developed a new ultrafiltration membrane with many conceivable filtering applications for medical and non-medical devices. A primary use is as a new material for membranes that are typically used in dialyzers. Dialyzers are a key component of a hemodialysis machine, responsible for filtering the blood and removing waste products and excess fluids from the patient's body during the dialysis process. The new membrane has many other applications, both medically and for non-medical use e.g., laboratories, vaccine water purification, veterinarian devices, and wastewater filtration. 

The new membrane is capable of increased ultrafiltration flux, and better dialysis performance. Among its notable features are excellent biocompatibility, ability to clear potential uremic toxins, and stability. The work, published in a recent article in Scientific Reports (13 (1), 11703), details a new membrane made by a tempo cellulosic oxidation process and cast using ionic liquids. Because of the unique nature of the membrane after casting, it has an extremely high flux and high rejection of BSA in ultrafiltration mode. The alignment of fibers in the final structure allow for superior performance compared to traditional dialysis membranes.

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